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    Bridal Therapy

    Bridal therapy addresses the most stressful issues for brides during wedding planning. We help brides with various challenges such as not getting along with future in-laws, having important conversations with your partner about finances, where you would like to live, etc. Most sessions are virtual. However, we do offer off-site appointments. 

    Off-site appointments can entail emotional support for the bride during the wedding, going bridal shopping with brides who do not have a support system when it’s time to pick out her gown. Off-site sessions also include practicing communication and assertiveness skills with brides who have had difficulty expressing themselves clearly to wedding vendors. 

    What does Bridal Therapy help to address?

    • Relationship Skills to improve the marriage
    • Overbearing Future In-Laws
    • Stressed about losing weight for the ceremony
    • Negotiating religious differences during the ceremony
    • Disagreements about the guest list
    • The pressure of pleasing family
    • Bridal party not getting along

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